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Lincoln University Living Heritage Tikaka Tōku Iho

Camellia japonica Kate SheppardRā Whakamana - Celebrating SuccessLincoln University and AgResearch Joint Facility West CourtyardFlowering Cherry Trees, Calder Drive, Lincoln University2018 State of the Nation's Environment Address2008 Cricket Team - 1968 Wahine SurvivorsLincoln University Field Trip - Mt GrandCanterbury Agricultural College farmMetrosideros ExcelsaHawke's Bay Alumni DinnerLandscape Architecture Field Trip to Shag PointH2O SculptureSchool of Landscape Architecture Field Trip to Tunnel BeachLincoln University Arboretum - Magnolia Black TulipLandscape Architecture - Planting PhiladelphiaGathering for the Graduation ProcessionLincoln University Graduation
Welcome to Lincoln University Living Heritage: Tikaka Tōku Iho, the online history of the people, events, and community since the founding of the organisation. You can browse or search our open archive, or register and share your Lincoln photos and stories, and are invited to assist us to name the people in the images


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Alexander Ormond Rugby PortraitAlexander Ormond Cricket PortraitDedication to Camellia Hedge between Hilgendorf and Burns BuildingDedication to Camellia Hedge between Hilgendorf and Burns Building1993 Dedication to Camellia Hedge between Hilgendorf and Burns Building 2Lady Burns planting a suffrage camellia in the Rose GardenHedge of Camellia japonica Kate Sheppard outside Burns buildingHedge of Camellia japonica Kate Sheppard looking towards Mrs Os CafeMagnolia yunnanensis Velvet and Cream  syn. Michelia 2Magnolia yunnanensis Velvet and Cream  syn. Michelia 1Magnolia yunnanensis syn Michelia 2Magnolia yunnanensis syn Michelia 1Magnolia Yellow Fever 2Magnolia Yellow Fever 1Magnolia x soulangeana Vivienne 4Magnolia x soulangeana Vivienne 3Magnolia x soulangeana Vivienne 2Magnolia x soulangeana Vivienne 1Magnolia x soulangeana Verbanica 2Magnolia x soulangeana Verbanica 1Magnolia x soulangeana Sweet Simplicity 2Magnolia x soulangeana Sweet Simplicity 1Magnolia x soulangeana Strybing White 2Magnolia x soulangeana Strybing White 1Magnolia x soulangeana San Jose 2Magnolia x soulangeana San Jose 1Magnolia x soulangeana Rustica Rubra 2Magnolia x soulangeana Rustica Rubra 1Magnolia x soulangeana Ruby 6Magnolia x soulangeana Ruby 5Magnolia x soulangeana Ruby 4Magnolia x soulangeana Ruby 3Magnolia x soulangeana Ruby 2Magnolia x soulangeana Ruby 1Magnolia x soulangeana Ricky 2Magnolia x soulangeana Ricky 1Magnolia x soulangeana Picture Lodge NorthMagnolia x soulangeana Norbertii Lodge nw 2Magnolia x soulangeana Norbertii Lodge nw 1Magnolia x soulangeana Norbertii 2Magnolia x soulangeana Norbertii 1Magnolia x soulangeana Nancy 2Magnolia x soulangeana Nancy 1Magnolia x soulangeana Lennei AlbaMagnolia x soulangeana Lennei 2Magnolia x soulangeana Lennei 1Magnolia x soulangeana Burgundy 2Magnolia x soulangeana Burgundy 1Magnolia x soulangeana Amabilis 3Magnolia x soulangeana Amabilis 2

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